Star Parties Pictures

Star parties are a great way for students, teachers and parents to experience the wonders of the night sky. Most people have never had the chance to see the moon or a planet through a quality telescope before. When viewing the moon its like you are in a spaceship hovering just above the surface. The craters and mountains are so clear you feel you can just reach out and touch them.
The planets are a special treat.

Saturn dominates the sky from September to December. Saturn is a favorite with many people as the rings are clearly visible. On good seeing nights the black “Cassini division” can be seen dividing the ring. Many have thought the image they were witnessing was somehow faked. They could not believe that they were really seeing the planet live. The moons of Saturn are also visible.

Jupiter is my personal favorite. Visible this year from September to January 2022, Jupiter is different every night. The four large moons of Jupiter are in a different position each night. You can actually notice their motion over the course of the star party. Cloud bands and the great red spot are also visible on most nights.

Book your star party as soon as possible. They are very popular and dates fill up fast.