Brian has been an “Amateur Astronomer” for the past 35 years.

As president of Cosmic Connections, Brian is dedicated to delivering astronomy and flight workshops and presentations to schools, clubs, resorts and the general public throughout Ontario. Brian has currently delivered 2,450+ presentations to over 94,000 students in 400+ schools and hosted over 700 star parties.

Awards and Certificates

Three time recipient of the Bertham J. Topham Award for astronomical observing program
Recipient of the Andrew Elvins Award for the promotion of astronomy
Recipient of the RASC service award
Awarded the Messier and Finest NGC certificate

Other Interests

Brian is currently working on his Private Pilot Licence.
He has completed the ground school program and is currently training and accumulating flying hours towards his licence. To date Brian has flown and a Cessna 150, 172A, and a Cherokee Piper.