The Grade 6 Flight Presentation

Maximum number of students per presentation: 40
Time required: 2 hours

Last year I introduced a new in-class program on Flight to a limited number of schools with great success. I am now offering this program to all grade 6’s.
The program is designed to enhance the flight unit and give the students a real sense of the mechanics and thrills of flying an airplane.

Presentation Layout

I begin with a power point presentation on the history of flight from the invention of the kite by the Chinese 3000 years ago to today's largest passenger aircraft the Airbus A380.

The students will then participate in a mini ground school course where they will learn :
* The fundamentals of flight
* Aircraft components and function
* Air Law
* Weather and air mass properties

The presentation ends with the students using a flight simulator to try their luck and land a plane at the Toronto Island Airport (Billy Bishop Airport)